Adoption Investigations

Private detectives have a knack for locating missing people including people who are adopted. If you are looking for a birth mother, birth father, or siblings, we can help you look for your birth family. If you have searched in the past without success, please consider having a private detective look at your case.  Don’t believe that there isn't any hope and that your family cannot be found. Anything is possible.

Let one of our Adoption Investigator's experience and resources help you in your search. Sometimes the smallest piece of information that you have overlooked can make the case. Sometimes when the case is cold and we have no further leads to go on, we may recommend DNA. We work with many adoption experts all over the world and have DNA experts on hand that will also assist you in finding your loved ones. Each adoption in unique and the laws vary by state but we have had great success in reuniting adoptees with their birth parents and siblings.

We assist individuals, employers, law firms, insurance companies and corporations by offering a large variety of investigative services.

We customize each investigation to your specific needs. Call us now on +355 (0) 67 211 5555.