Counter industrial espionage

What is Industrial Espionage?

“Corporate or Industrial Espionage involves operations conducted by one corporation against another for the purpose of acquiring a competitive advantage in domestic or global markets.”

More simply put, Industrial Espionage is the process of gathering information or data about economic or industrial targets of a business for the purpose of profit.

This information loss is fairly common in businesses and something as small as a bugging or eavesdropping device can lead to the loss of a large amount of confidential information, which can ultimately damage a company’s profits or reputation. This is known as technical espionage and is one of the most common modus operandi, however there are other forms of espionage that can be targeted including refuse disposal, waste management and key personnel.

Countering Industrial Espionage

Ensuring Key Personnel and Management understand the value of the information they use daily is one of the most important issues regarding espionage that should not be overlooked. Best practice is always to have a solid system in place including encryption of communications, secure data storage, regular internal and external security reviews and staff training and lectures.

At Private Detective Institute our Counter Industrial Espionage services can help your business or organization to develop and put into action a comprehensive internal security policy, starting with a complete security review to assess your present security levels. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures sweeps should always be an integral part of any company’s security policy, and we offer this as part of our services to avoid any potential threats to your business.

Industrial Espionage should never be taken lightly as it is a huge and common factor in today’s high-stakes competitive business world. It’s no secret that most businesses possess sensitive information such as customer lists, research reports or financial information – and our services are focused around keeping this valuable information secure.

To avoid any possible damage to your company’s reputation or profits due to industrial espionage it is important to understand it and have solid policies and practices in place to counter it. For more information on our counter industrial espionage services call us free today on +355 (0) 67 211 5555.